Writing Contest, Flash Fiction

Hi Everyone. Just a quick post to announce that I am hosting another writing competition.

Fantasy flash fiction challenge. 300 word max and photo prompted. Follow the below link to submission guidelines and rules and the photo prompt.

Prize is an electronic version of my novelette, The Orchid Keeper, and a spotlight of your winning story on this blog and my authors blog!!!

Follow link below to enter and good luck to All!


Warm up your literary skills and let’s weave some tales

No Matter What Happens…

No ,matter what happens never give up, never give in and never lose sight of your goals and dreams. 

Its never going to be all silver, gold, glitter and fairy dust when we are on our personal journey toward our goals and dreams. There are road blocks, glitches, hold ups and even people that will cause you pause or delay your journey. This is a natural thing, certainly no reason to throw in the towel. These hiccups, these delays and detours should be further impetus for us to keep striving forward.

I have recently and distantly learned that these stops, pauses and delays in our rush to achieve our goals can indeed be the catalysts by which we regain our footing, they can bring renewed vigor to our original game plans!!!  I have always been one to say that from chaos rebirth and new growth is indeed possible, and in my opinion inevitable.

I have aspired to become a published author for quite awhile now; and have succeeded in the manner of contests and such. However, formal publication is still just a wee bit out of my reach. It is closer now than it has ever been; editing, rewriting etc. are my current bane. With perserverance and determination to keep striving and reaching I have gotten this far and I am proud to say that my novella will be published at some point before 2014 has ended. Getting here has been both rewarding and extremely frustrating. Every milestone is a victory and every roadblock (writers block, if you please) is heart breaking! But, no matter what happened along the way I never threw in he towel, I never gave up, and I never gave in to the urge to just quit.

My words to you today carry this message above all else





The above photograph, which is also on my about me page,  http://about.me/jennjenn388, was a source of inspiration for me when I started to write the thoughts and musings in my head down on paper. Spiritually I am a Pagan and the elements are and always have been a constant inspiration for me. The above picture contains all the elements in perfect harmony; Air, earth, Fire, and Water. 

Air is represented quite simply by its very presence, we many not see it but it is there. Air lifts my mood, it cleanses my head, and refreshes my soul. Water, with its cleaning properties has always represented emotions to me; as our emotions ebb and flow so does water. flowing water is my favorite form that it takes…flowing water can carry things toward us and things away from us. Earth is represented in the photo by the green grass and the rocks that are scattered throughout…some of those rocks were at the front of the glacier push eons ago. Earth, as an element, represents steadfastness, growth, change, fertility and renewal as well as the cycle of life and death. Fire, its presence in the photo is represented by the shining sun that reflects of the surface of the water and beats down on the grass and trees. Fire , to me, represents the catalyst to change. It can be extremely destructive however form the destruction there can be rebirth and new growth. A volcanic eruption can destroy what lies in the path of its lava (fire), later and as time goes by new life will sprout and the cycle will continue. fire also offers warmth and protection and the hearth, where home fires reside, can be the heart of a home.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but today for me (and very often),  the elements represented in this wonderful and earthy photo are my INSPIRATION.

Blessing To You All