Choices: Catching and Holding My Interest

We live in a world that consists of thousands of ploys for our attention, our money, our interest etc. Billboards, headlines, commercials and a myriad of other such things are purposefully and strategically placed in our paths on a daily basis. Oft times we are not even aware of the subliminally suggestive nature of things and how they psychological start a yearning in us. 

For me the pull towards something generally starts visually. If it catches my eye I am more apt to investigate further. Following catching my eye the thing that will bring me back or make me a believer in said item, site, food, etc. is content and/or quality.

As we all know what looks good isn’t guaranteed to be good. There has been plenty a food item, that has looked scrumptious to me but upon first bite I find myself gaging and looking for the nearest napkin in which to spit it into! ( by the way this action invariably gets me the oddest looks from the folk around me so when I can I do it as discreetly as possible.) I have been drawn to a book by its cover and found the cover was deceiving and the content is pure crap.

Once a website headline grabbed me by the heart and I just knew I had found the web place for me! I had been searching for other like minded Pagans to share with and meet up on a regular basis to share fellowship and such. I clicked the link for the site and was promptly dropped onto a page that along with many illicit pictures invited me to join them for an orgy every third Tuesday of the month. For the life of me I couldn’t see the connection between what I was looking for (other Wiccans and Pagans) until I seen a link for a video called Merry MEAT. For those of you not Wiccan or Pagan I will say the term Merry Meet is a common greeting among us. But this merry meat video was certainly not the greeting I was seeking. I still get invites from the site and I laugh my ass off eveyr single time!

Choices are put in front of us everyday and sometimes, as you can read from my above experience, we are tricked into the wrong ones. In my opinion, when an item is visually presented well and can be followed up with excellent quality or content then I will always return to make that same choice again.

In closing I say happy choices making to you all and when you find something you like and it treats you well or gives you what your seeking keep chosing it, keep clicking on it, keep buying it and most of all avoid the video Merry Meat at all cost if you looking for a Pagan circle to join!