Romance & Love; Its Not Always About Roses & Chocolates

Hello Readers,

As the ‘love’ holiday of Valentines approaches I can’t help but wonder about the many ways that a person can show love, romance and affection to another.

We all know that tried and true route of flowers, snuggles, jewelry, dinner dates, hand holding etc.  ( dont get me wrong all these are nice indeed).

Im not one for overly mooshy exhibits myself, however I know that for some it means a lot. I personaly, don’t contstantly need flowers, gifts, constant attention or validation from the one I love. In truth constant attention and hovering would make me a bit sick to my stomache :)!

Now don’t get me wrong I like it in small doses but not so much that a couple becomes so emeshed that they are no longer independent individuals… None of that attached at the hip shit for me…Thank you very much!

With that said I would like to touch base on the common everyday ways some people tend to express love
and caring.

Sometimes we get all caught up in the hype and miss the little things that prove the one we love does care.

The simple act of making a person breakfast is in and of itself an expression of love. Keeping a roof over my head, in my eyes is a huge way to show love. Supporting me in my endeavors is one of the most important ways to show me that your in my corner. None of these things comes in a little ring box, or a gift bag….these things come from the ♥! And it is those things I value the most.

In a world gone so material it is easy to see that many have loss loves true meanings…loves most basic notes. Let us not forget as Valentines approaches those most basic of loves notes…for even the most complicated of symphonies is composed of some basic notes!

I am happy to say I am very much in love and I appreciate the unflourished, and low key ways my boyfriend shows me he loves me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I wish you all luck and success in all of your relations.


And in my eyes all was right with the world.

And in my eyes all was right with the world.

Many years ago I woke up from a numbing dead man walking state of mind. At the time of my entry into the underbelly of humanity I felt there was no hope, no need to try to strive, and I held no dream or thought that my world would ever be bright or right.

While desperately trying to shut down my reason, I began to let go of faith– faith in myself and faith in others.

All was not right in the world. I…who I really was…was fading away into an abyss full of darkness and a drug hazed existence. Addictions sharp teeth and claws ripped and tore at any resolve I once thought I had. All was not right in my world…it was all wrong.

Years of abuse and bitter days of being alone while surrounded by others just like me took its toll. My light was fading, and I was but a shell with near to no viable soul left. All was not right in the world.

Out of the blue on another day just like the last I was given an opportunity to remove myself from the environment I was in. I took that opportunity while the tiny fading light that once was my bright star of a soul began to sing to me a song. A song of hope and perserverance. Could things be all right in the world?

With that realization I held tightly to the thought that it was my choices that were all wrong. I grasped at the idea that it wasn’t the world…it was Me.

With eyes opened to the truth of the matter my ground down strength and desire to be alright in the world began to grow. I COULD be alright in the world!

I look back now and give thanks that I made it through it alive and I look forward and acknowledge that I have come a very long way and have a lot of life to live in this world.

My eyes have been opened…
I am all right…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

And All Was Right In The World

T.O.K. Update

TOK for blog cover

My debut novelette was published in July this past year. The Orchid Keeper us book 1, in a series I am working on.

As a new author I am learning many things. I’ve never done any kind of marketing before this and I must say…that though it does take a lot of time to market your own book that diligence, persistence, and perseverance do pay off. As a author with ABuzz Press I am required to market my own book as well as hire my own editor and they handle everything else. It has been a remarkable experience. I love working with the people at ABuzz and very much.

The Orchid Keeper has recently starting to get some pretty great reviews. And the reviews show a desire from readers to check out the next book in the series, The Fading Light. (Book 1 has book 2 chapter preview)

Writers and readers alike, Please feel free to visit my authors blog at

This blog has all links to all book pages for my debut novel.


Feel free to check out some of the reviews on GoodReads.

I will say this however, even though a good review feels phenomenal and I wouldn’t trade any of them I do not write simply for reviews or to get famous, or even to make money. I write simply because I love to create worlds and characters that touch people, that people can get to know. If I couldn’t write I’m not sure how I would handle it… The only possibly repite would be if I could take up a position as a traveling bard/ storyteller. (Which would absolutely be perfect for me:) ) I never want to get lost in the commercialism of book writing, I don’t want it to ever lose it’s magick for me.

While  my love for writing and creating fantasy worlds that people can sink themselves into, both emotionally & visually is my main motive

The great reviews do make the art and fun of creating even that more fun for me! Besides how else would I know if the stories in my head, that I love, are lived by others?

Happy Reading and/or writing to you all. And if ya happen to read The Orchid Keeper please stop by one if its pages (amazon, Barnes, booklocker etc) and let me and the world know about it!!! Feedback rocks!

And stay tuned in to  book 2 updates, The Fading Light, to see what Cora and Sol are up to next!

Blessings To All

Writing Contest, Flash Fiction

Hi Everyone. Just a quick post to announce that I am hosting another writing competition.

Fantasy flash fiction challenge. 300 word max and photo prompted. Follow the below link to submission guidelines and rules and the photo prompt.

Prize is an electronic version of my novelette, The Orchid Keeper, and a spotlight of your winning story on this blog and my authors blog!!!

Follow link below to enter and good luck to All!

Warm up your literary skills and let’s weave some tales

On Forgetfullness: is It Me Or is it Age?



Did I shut off the oven?

Where’s my damned keys?

What was I going to say?

Why did I walk into this room?

Oh, you didn’t order the large coke , burger and fries? hmmm

And the above is the least of the forgetful moments…don’t forget these ones (lol):

What’s your name…again? (andddd this is to the people you see five days a week at your work!)

We did what together…when? (funny but extremely uncomfortable moment!)

HEY, officer, (from the back seat of the cop car) What did I do with my beer? (ok ok that’s a bit extreme but most of us know of at least one person that’s experienced this moment of forgetfulness!)

And the list could go on and on…


Is this phenomenon, (because that , for the time being, is what I am calling it, phenomenon) just inflicting me? Or others as well? Is it something I ingested as a younger version of myself (wink wink) or is it age? I am not sure as to why it happens but, I have taken to making lists of shit just so I remember. I guess at this point I should also mention that half the time I forget where I put the list or I forget to even look at it!

Wait a second…what was I talking about, I forget???????? 😉 (ha , couldn’t resist)

I would like to chalk my forgetfulness up to the fact that my mind is always actively sorting shit out. I’m thinking that if my mind is that busy it just doesn’t have the time or space to remember stuff like peoples names, where I am going, my phone number, how old I really am, etc.

As long , I guess, as I remember to live fully, love with all my heart, don’t harbor hate, laugh often (even if I forget what I am laughing at), smell the roses, and listen when the world around me has something to say ( I didn’t say remember what it says just listen when it says it) then I am going to be alright. I may not be able to find my car in the mall parking lot, or the keys to get in it when I get there, but I am alive and healthy with great friends and family and that is truly all one could ask for.

So rock on my friends and allies in forgetfulness. We don’t intend to harm or offend, we are not ditzy, WE are just fine the way we are! Even if we cant remember what way that is!!!






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1. the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.


We have all waited for one thing or another at many points in our lives. Waiting is quite simply an activity (or waiting for an activity to start) that is built into life by design;

1. wait to be born

2. wait to talk and walk.

3. wait to go too school.

4. wait to be a teen.

5. wait to drive.

6. wait to be 18.

7. wait for the legal age to drink.

8. wait to meet our soul mates.

9. wait to have children.

10. wait to get old.

AND many more…

It is a game of wait and wait and then wait some more.

Sometimes we get lucky and the wait has been worth it and other times we are slated to feel unhappy with the results of our wait. The one thing that is constant is the fact that there WILL be times when we wait…no matter what a good portion of our life is spent waiting.

today I have the very distinct pleasure to say that one of those durations of time that I spent waiting has come to a conclusion…a very pleasing conclusion!

I have the pleasure of announcing that my debut novelette, The Orchid Keeper, is now available!!! Its a fantasy story carrying a visit to a wondrous place and a strong lesson about accountability.

The wait to get published officially and move my writing career from aspiring author to published author is over. I am very happy to be considered among those I admire as authors.

Please visit my blog To Write Is right to read an excerpt of the short novel. You will find links to places of purchase there for your ease of navigation.

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Where Does The Time Go?


Baby Love!!!

Baby Love!!!



Where does the time go so quickly? It just tends to slip by us and before we realize what has occurred years have gone by!

It seems to me, that it was just yesterday that we all anxiously awaited the arrival of little Miss E.J., my grand daughter. How did it get to be that kindergarten is right around the corner, her vocabulary is immense, she has developed her own unique humor and her personality has claimed its own spot n this vast world?

I remember that new baby smell, and this little itty bitty human being I sometimes didn’t want to let go of when it was time for me to go home. Now… we have scraped knees, giggles, story reading, bug hunting, her own original ideas and fun walks of discovery!   

Being around this wonderful little girl…then and now, makes my heart sing with joy. I cannot put into words the emotions I feel when I am around her. She, E.J., makes my heart sing and my soul dance for joy!!!

I love, and will always love, each and every one of my own children…they have blessed me in ways they will never fathom; however, this grand baby love is something different, something I imagine every one would wish to experience someday.

My best friend, Nel, has recently experienced this shift in her world…twice, a grand son (to whom  am God Mother) and a grand daughter. I welcome her to the world of being a Nana and  look forward to many years of grand baby stories to share with her! 

The title of Nana J is something I value sincerely and I lovingly look ahead to many years of surprises and delights via my grand daughter and any future grand children I may be privileged to be Blessed with!

Where does the time go?

It stretches out behind us… never to be regained but our memories remain forever.

It flows out before us… never to be stopped but full of wonderful things to come!