A Chance Encounter

Hi, many of you are well aware that I am an indie author. Well this is a blog that featured one of my.favourite stories that I have penned. Its called a chance encounter and its featured on The Magic of Stories by K Mossman, another very talented indie author.

The Magic of Stories

By Jennifer Deese

The day started bright and sunny, her coffee was smooth, just the way she loved it. The outside beckoned. Her need to submerge herself in Mother Nature’s earthly embrace was poignant and urgent. Roxie quickly finished her morning routine and donned the active wear she preferred for hikes along the mountain trails surrounding her property. She felt she was on the edge of something monumental but, for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out what. Shaking off the feeling, she stepped off the veranda…reveling in the soft, spongy feel of rich earth beneath her sneakers. Taking a deep breath of the refreshing air, Roxie headed for the trail head. Again, she had to push away the feeling that something was looming above her head. Instead, she allowed nature to soothe away life’s hectic worries and chaotic events. After a few stretches, she was off for the needed…

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