Talent Spotlight Featuring Mark Locklear

In this talent spotlight I present to you a young man with impressive writing skills. Mark Locklear, a tenth grader recently encouraged by his English teacher to enter his writing in a competition, shows immense talent and skill of writing.

Mark tells me his interest in writing began very recently, August of 2014. After reading a his story below, I could only nod my head in admiration at his skill. I found it hard to believe he has only just so recently begun to write.

I can only imagine that his teacher couldn’t help but noticed this up and coming sophomores skill in the art of weaving words together in a manner that elicits both imagery and emotion.

I gladly present to you the story Mark Locklear wrote when I asked him to allow me to spotlight him here on Welcome To JennTerra.

Forgotten Love
Mark Locklear

Isabella and Marcus, two young lovers in high school, were madly in love with each other. Today was their two year anniversary. Marcus gently grabs Isabella’s hand as they walk home from school, as they have done every day since they started dating in ninth grade.

Half way home Marcus pulls out a ring and hands it to Isabella, reciting, “Princess, I may have met you in ninth grade but I fell in love with you on sight. You’re my everything. This is my promise ring to you. No matter what, I’ll be there and love you forever, my love.”

Isabella covers her mouth and starts to cry of happiness as she hugs Marcus tightly, not letting him go for a second. Isabella mumbles from the tears, “I…I love you so much”.

Not noticing or hearing, a swerving car comes out of nowhere and hits the two young lovers.

After two weeks of being in a coma, Marcus sits up trying his best to regain his balance and recall what happened to him. Marcus looks around, still light headed, bandaged up and sore, yet trying to figure out why he is in the hospital. He sits up on the side of the bed, sees a nurse walking by and calls out to her, “Ma’am, excuse me, but could you come in here please?”

The nurse rushes in, “Yes Mr. Marcus, it is so good to see you awake! I am your nurse, Tabitha. How are you?”

Marcus replied, “I’m a little confused. What happened? Why am I in the hospital?”
“Well sir, you were in a horrible accident, but don’t worry, I will get the doctor so he can explain,” said Nurse Tabitha.
Shocked, Marcus scrambles looking for Isabella! ‘Wh- Where is she?!” Marcus shouts at the nurse.

The doctor walked in to calm him down, the doctor looks in his eyes and tells Marcus “she is safe and doing fine… She’s…”,
“SHE’S WHAT?!” Marcus yelled.
The doctor looks down, “She is in a coma, son. Right now, let’s focus on your recovery. We need to run some tests.”

A week goes by and Marcus cries himself to sleep on each dreaded night in the hospital. After he is released, Marcus visits her bedside each night bringing a new bundle of flowers, and kisses her forehead before leaving. A whole year passes this way. Isabella’s room is filled with cards, flowers, and gifts that Marcus brought her.

Today is their three year anniversary. Marcus is broken-hearted at the site of Isabella in the hospital on this day. He pulls up to her bedside and cries on her lap. Not noticing, she sits up and lays her hand on his back, she kisses him and the tears fall faster at the sight of Isabella awake.

He smiles and whispers, “H- happy three year anniversary.”
Isabella can’t talk yet but she smiles…

Mark has told me he wishes to become an author and get published.

I say to him, and I am sure you agree, that with his talent, desire and love of writing that we will see your work on bookstore shelves one day young man!

Not only does he show a unique and already finessed skill in writing he also seems to be focused and determined.

Mark is currently working on a story for the competition his teacher and his mother, I am sure, have encouraged and supported him in joining. I am positive his story will shine…if its anything like the one above, “Forgotten Love”, it is sure to catch a lot if attention.
Definitely caught mine!!!

Thank you Mark for allowing me to share your story and your talent here on my blog.

Feel free to comment to Mark via the comments, I will pass all comments and likes on to him. It takes the writing community to show love to all those who endeavor to become writers and authors…Show your love and support.

Jennifer Deese-Author/writer

5 thoughts on “Talent Spotlight Featuring Mark Locklear

  1. Mrs.Megan Collins says:

    I had the honor of being Mark’s teacher my first year as a teacher. I had the opportunity to read this story while he was working on it. I encouraged him then and I will continue encourage him now to keep writing and aim high. Always believe in yourself!

    Mrs. Collins

  2. Very impressive beginning for this young man’s writing career. Keep working hard and never forget your love for words! Awesome story! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Deese says:

    Wow just awesome!!!

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