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My debut novelette was published in July this past year. The Orchid Keeper us book 1, in a series I am working on.

As a new author I am learning many things. I’ve never done any kind of marketing before this and I must say…that though it does take a lot of time to market your own book that diligence, persistence, and perseverance do pay off. As a author with ABuzz Press I am required to market my own book as well as hire my own editor and they handle everything else. It has been a remarkable experience. I love working with the people at ABuzz and Booklocker.com very much.

The Orchid Keeper has recently starting to get some pretty great reviews. And the reviews show a desire from readers to check out the next book in the series, The Fading Light. (Book 1 has book 2 chapter preview)

Writers and readers alike, Please feel free to visit my authors blog at http://jenniferdeese.wordpress.com

This blog has all links to all book pages for my debut novel.


Feel free to check out some of the reviews on GoodReads.

I will say this however, even though a good review feels phenomenal and I wouldn’t trade any of them I do not write simply for reviews or to get famous, or even to make money. I write simply because I love to create worlds and characters that touch people, that people can get to know. If I couldn’t write I’m not sure how I would handle it… The only possibly repite would be if I could take up a position as a traveling bard/ storyteller. (Which would absolutely be perfect for me:) ) I never want to get lost in the commercialism of book writing, I don’t want it to ever lose it’s magick for me.

While  my love for writing and creating fantasy worlds that people can sink themselves into, both emotionally & visually is my main motive

The great reviews do make the art and fun of creating even that more fun for me! Besides how else would I know if the stories in my head, that I love, are lived by others?

Happy Reading and/or writing to you all. And if ya happen to read The Orchid Keeper please stop by one if its pages (amazon, Barnes, booklocker etc) and let me and the world know about it!!! Feedback rocks!

And stay tuned in to  book 2 updates, The Fading Light, to see what Cora and Sol are up to next!

Blessings To All

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