Photography Fantastic Featuring Samantha Clemmer

Photos by Samantha Clemmer


I like to spotlight the talents of those who deserve it and Samantha Clemmer certainly deserves this spotlight.

Full-time mother, wife and aspiring photographer, Mrs. Clemmer shows a definitive talent for capturing emotion and life via the lens if her camera.

The above photo is one of her earlier pieces and it is one of my favorites. It captures the essence if time! The perspective from which she snapped the picture says it all. There’s even a bit of mystery to this one that catches your eye  and imagination while drawing you intensely into the scene.

simpleFrameEngine (1)

Photo by Samantha Clemmer

Samantha’s innate ability to take a variety of style photos goes to prove that her well of talent in the world if photography may very well be endless.

When it comes to macro photography Samantha shows an adept eye for exquisite detail! As a huge fan of this type if photography I can only say I look forward to watching her career bloom into something wonderful.

Mrs. Clemmer also takes wonderful pictures of people and it delights me to see her finished pieces. There’s a lot to be said for a photographer that doesn’t piegon hole themselves into one style—- and this lady certainly shows she hasn’t stuck herself into one style. She’s an eclectic photographer with a very bright future indeed!

So, in closing I say;

Thank you Samantha for sharing your immense talent with us and I wish you and your career in photography all the brightest blessings!

Please visit her pages at


Samantha’s Photography Blog:


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