Writing is My Soul Food.

I write for many reasons; I’ve got a lot to say, I would go nuts if I couldn’t, the plethora of characters and story plots floating around in my head refuse to give me a moment of peace if I dont bring them to literary life, and most importantly writing feeds my soul.

In writing I find not only my own voice but the voices, aspirations, fears,  phobias, conundrums, hopes and dreams of my characters. By default when I do this I a am able to relate, emphasize, sometimes inspire,  and sympathize with those who read what I have written.

Writing is like a miracle medicine for me. No matter what I write, the very act of creative flow lifts me to a place in which the circumstances, the reality, outcomes, etc are of my own making. A very kathartic activity indeed!

In a world so full of things beyond our control I think creative writers find solace and positive energy flow when they immerse themselves in their art.

Writing has so many benefits… Benefits that you may not imagine. I have researched these benefits and I’ve included a few links below on this subject for your browsing pleasures.

Please feel free to share with us all what writing does for you personally. If your not a writer please share with us how reading feeds your soul and charges your mind and body.





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