Your Tears, Torrential Rains


Between shadows part I from maxima on Vimeo.

You, whose heart was crushed,
You deserve poems.
For not giving in,
And not giving up.
Your tears,
Like waves smashed on the shore.
Executioners rejoice,
They want to burn you at the stake,
They wish you were gone.
Despite the loneliness,
You didn’t walk off with someone,
Who’s not worth crying for
Someone, despicable… whose soul or lack of it
Have kept tearing you apart
day by day
keeping us apart.
Your tears, torrential rains,
Threatening to flood the ground…
Come on, dress in red and black
It suits you just fine
These colours show who you are
Burning flame and pain in one
For all time.
Come on, show me your smile
Put on some make-up
If you are happy and pretty,
I will…
You know, like in a dream.
Don’t give yourself away to the wolves
Your virtue will prevail
You have us
It’s good to be among those
Who think alike.

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2 thoughts on “Your Tears, Torrential Rains

  1. Maxima says:

    Thank you my friend !I am so produd on your beautiful gestureHave nice day With love maxima

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