Here for Now…Not Forever


At a very young age I became very aware that life is truly fleeting. My mother always said that as a child I seemed to be aware of many things that were unusual for a young tot to be aware of…I would stare into people versus at people, I would sit for long periods of time pondering this toy or that toy, I read at an early age, I was sensitive to other people’s emotions etc.

I believe I became aware of life and death and our mortality due to the fact that I read books beyond my age group early on in my childhood. I was, and have never been, daunted or afraid of the idea of death or how infinitesimal our lives are in the big picture.

I, as a grade school child, became aware of a strong belief inside of myself that life was a cycle. I am sure it took quite a bit of maturing before I began to put the idea into actual words but I do remember thinking that there was more…that something beyond ‘this incarnation’ existed.

My mother fostered a lot of my current day spirituality and beliefs. She fed my imagination and in light of that she built the base blocks of what I value today; of what I believe in when it comes to life after death, faith, other lives etc. I remember how she used to tell me how before we are born we are little sparks of light or energy that float around and when it is our time to be born our light goes into the belly of a woman who has a baby in it. From there our light charges that child; becomes that person. At death , she said, that light leaves the physical body and goes back to float and fly about with all the other sparks of energy out there. Some sparks come back as a different human being and some go on to be other things either here in this plane or perhaps on another plane. I still believe that base theory to hold true in many instances.

I am quite fond of the fact that I am mortal. In my opinion, I think I  would find being immortal to be a drag. I rather like the idea that after this life there may be another life to live or maybe another realm or plane of existence to experience. I wish to live this life to its’ very fullest and when my time comes I hope to be like the caterpillar and go through  or be born/brought forth in a new way.

Immortality , to me, would be imprisonment. Mortality makes this life that more precious and valuable.

Enjoy the link below. It says quite a bit about how Pagans, of which I am, view death and the cycle of Life.


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