this post is from almost a year ago and I found it fascinating that today, a yr later, I feel the same way today …Interesting enough for me to repost it!!!!

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Solitude can be negative to some and positive to others. For me it is positive.  Its in moments of solitude that I recharge my battery, cleanse away the negative energy I may have gathered or attracted by social interactions and the environment I was immersed in. In these memoments I pull positivity into myself. In doing this I feel refreshed, strengthened and uplifted.  Moments of solitude seem to be a must for me to keep from being totally drained by the demanding world around me.

In a very busy word it can be hard to find a moment to be completely alone with your thoughts. There’s always something that is needling you for your time and attention with no regard to the fact that it is depleting you. What’s crazy sometimes is the fact that oft times some of these ‘things’ do not even realize that they are tapping you out; children…

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