On Forgetfullness: is It Me Or is it Age?



Did I shut off the oven?

Where’s my damned keys?

What was I going to say?

Why did I walk into this room?

Oh, you didn’t order the large coke , burger and fries? hmmm

And the above is the least of the forgetful moments…don’t forget these ones (lol):

What’s your name…again? (andddd this is to the people you see five days a week at your work!)

We did what together…when? (funny but extremely uncomfortable moment!)

HEY, officer, (from the back seat of the cop car) What did I do with my beer? (ok ok that’s a bit extreme but most of us know of at least one person that’s experienced this moment of forgetfulness!)

And the list could go on and on…


Is this phenomenon, (because that , for the time being, is what I am calling it, phenomenon) just inflicting me? Or others as well? Is it something I ingested as a younger version of myself (wink wink) or is it age? I am not sure as to why it happens but, I have taken to making lists of shit just so I remember. I guess at this point I should also mention that half the time I forget where I put the list or I forget to even look at it!

Wait a second…what was I talking about, I forget???????? 😉 (ha , couldn’t resist)

I would like to chalk my forgetfulness up to the fact that my mind is always actively sorting shit out. I’m thinking that if my mind is that busy it just doesn’t have the time or space to remember stuff like peoples names, where I am going, my phone number, how old I really am, etc.

As long , I guess, as I remember to live fully, love with all my heart, don’t harbor hate, laugh often (even if I forget what I am laughing at), smell the roses, and listen when the world around me has something to say ( I didn’t say remember what it says just listen when it says it) then I am going to be alright. I may not be able to find my car in the mall parking lot, or the keys to get in it when I get there, but I am alive and healthy with great friends and family and that is truly all one could ask for.

So rock on my friends and allies in forgetfulness. We don’t intend to harm or offend, we are not ditzy, WE are just fine the way we are! Even if we cant remember what way that is!!!







3 thoughts on “On Forgetfullness: is It Me Or is it Age?

  1. And I thought it was just me! I wonder how many times I’ve run upstairs…only to have to run down again! I think it’s This Modern Life. We all seem so busy all the time. It’s all input and out put. I’m writing this on a bus when I really should be just staring out the window!

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