1. the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.


We have all waited for one thing or another at many points in our lives. Waiting is quite simply an activity (or waiting for an activity to start) that is built into life by design;

1. wait to be born

2. wait to talk and walk.

3. wait to go too school.

4. wait to be a teen.

5. wait to drive.

6. wait to be 18.

7. wait for the legal age to drink.

8. wait to meet our soul mates.

9. wait to have children.

10. wait to get old.

AND many more…

It is a game of wait and wait and then wait some more.

Sometimes we get lucky and the wait has been worth it and other times we are slated to feel unhappy with the results of our wait. The one thing that is constant is the fact that there WILL be times when we wait…no matter what a good portion of our life is spent waiting.

today I have the very distinct pleasure to say that one of those durations of time that I spent waiting has come to a conclusion…a very pleasing conclusion!

I have the pleasure of announcing that my debut novelette, The Orchid Keeper, is now available!!! Its a fantasy story carrying a visit to a wondrous place and a strong lesson about accountability.

The wait to get published officially and move my writing career from aspiring author to published author is over. I am very happy to be considered among those I admire as authors.

Please visit my blog To Write Is right to read an excerpt of the short novel. You will find links to places of purchase there for your ease of navigation.


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