Searching For AGood Nights Sleep


In my endeavors, over many years, to catch a good night’s sleep I have failed at least 80% of the time. Try as I might to get everything done, to clear my mind, to settle in and settle down nothing seems to work when insomnia hits

I have tried herbal teas, valerian, melatonin, over the counter sleep aides, yoga, meditation, sleep music, etc to no avail. No matter what it is I employ to get me to sleep, it seems as if my circadian sleep cycle forgot it is supposed to be a cycle!!! Or rather yet it has failed to even exist!

I toss, I turn, I get back up and turn on the television. I curse, I cry, I pace to and fro…still to no avail. I used to find that wine would make my mind fuzzy enough to sneak in a few Z’s here and there through-out the night, however the after wine headache doesn’t seem to be completely worth it..if you know what I mean.

Sex , and I mean this seriously not negatively, seems to be the one tried and true remedy for insomnia…in my opinion. I know I know…who prescribes sex? And what the hell do you do if you’re not in a relationship of some kind where its readily available? I don’t know what to say to those questions folks. all I know is that according to several articles I have read your bed should be used for sex and sleep only!…/three-questions-about


Makes perfect sense to me! Now on the other hand I guess you’re kind of screwed (pardon the play on words here lol) if you look at it from another angle–If your sex life is such that it automatically puts you to sleep and sleep isn’t what your aiming for then ….Well then I, again, just don’t know what to say!!! It’s a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t kind of situation folks!

Here are a few more helpful websites on getting a good night’s sleep, I hope in the end we all find our own little special (wink wink) ways to put us down for the night


This post is in reference to the DP challenge

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3 thoughts on “Searching For AGood Nights Sleep

  1. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

    Do you have the tv or other electrical equipment eg: computer etc., in the room where you sleep; this can affect you; I noticed a different feel to the room once I removed these items from it; with them the energy feels whuzzy without them it is calm.

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