Don’t stop, Don’t give up!

Today I have found thati n reaching setting and achieving goals for yourself you add a certain quality of success to your life. I have always wanted to become a writer…a published writer, and today I can say I have done that. I anxiously await the arrival of the first print of my mini book, The Orchid Keeper, and I cannot help but feel pretty proud of myself. I have also found that here in the world of there are hundreds of others whom have done the same. the sheer amount of talent  have had the pleasure to see and read has been a delight.

We do many things in life to make ourselves feel good…our hair, pant our house, clean, our nails, dress well, arts, crafts, write etc. and in these activities we also have the chance to grow and learn more about ourselves as individuals and as parts of a whole…humanity.

I have recently had a dream come true, my mini book was picked up for publication by—  specifically– and as I await the release date I have found that I am ready to move on to the next mini book n the series. In this I have found that once we reach one goal we find ourselves feeling so good about it that we automatically strive to set and reach another!!!  The link to my book page/ author page is

In closing…I say to you all-

Keep going, keep reaching and keep striving. We as human beings have this inherent ability to push forward, to grow and to learn so lets feed that ability, feed that need and go get you! If I cam do this so can any other person! I wish you all the best in the world.

Please check out my book page and stay tuned for release information as well as contest rules and such upon ts release!! winner receives a free signed copy of the Orchid Keeper, the first mini book in my serial series called The Osipian Stories!


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