Good News and True Feelings!!!


Hi fellow bloggers, readers, and creative people! I am posting today with a dual purpose.

First of all,

 I would like to proudly announce the achievement of some of my writing goals. I will be a published author this summer, with my novelette The Orchid Keeper ! So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming availability date. 🙂  Without having been a part of a writing community such as,, I can say that I am not completely sure I would be on the edge of thee new and excited events.

ALSO, THIS WEEK on MidLife Collage my short non fiction story, A Night Out, is an entry in the competition. MidLife Collage offers an pretty cool and free of charge weekly non fiction writing competition. it is for 40+ women and men to share inspirational, quirky, heart touching stories that have occurred  in their midlife. Its fun and interesting to read the stories of the other entrants! Please FOLOW the link below to view my story as well as the four others!!! Why not join in yourself sometime in the free weekly contest.

And secondly,

I have been writing for about a year now. I have had many rejections, let downs, frustrations and a plethora of other draw backs, setbacks, frustrations and writers blocks. We have all been there, and I am sure that ten years from now, twenty years from now, I will still be getting them. BUT that is what this is all about , isn’t it?

I write because I feel a need to. I like the way a finished story makes me feel. I love the rush of a plot unfurling in my head and me trying to type as fast as the words fly through my head. I write because I love to. I love creating situations, people and worlds that will take my readers to another place, a different time.  These are the things that make everything that goes with writing, and creating things worthwhile.

Being published and getting accepted into writing competitions in my opinion, is the secondary reason for writing. While publication, in any form, is an complement to our talent I hope to always remain true to my inner-most reason for putting words to paper and spinning sentences into stories—Because I quite simply just love it, Its what I do.

LINK TO MY CONTEST ENTRY…comments and likes are what counts toward our voting. There are four other stories as well. Check them all out, great reads and good giggles!




9 thoughts on “Good News and True Feelings!!!

  1. jennjenn388 says:

    Comptuer issues here. Drives me nuts when I can’t pist regularly. Sorry about at. Pisting contest info tomorrow. 🙂 you’ve read a bit of my blog I see by y poo ur likes and that will definitely give you an upper hand in this contest. I look forward to one dau getting more feedback from you. Stay tuned. Btw…love your blog as well!

  2. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

    Well done on your book 🙂 and I loved the ending of your competition entry, good luck with it.

    • jennjenn388 says:

      Thank you kindly Phoenix

      Stay tuned for contest info and try ypur luck at winning a copy of the first mini book in the serial series. Thank you for the follow as well

      • Phoenix Tears Healed says:

        ah wondered where you were as couldn’t find a recent post and hoped all was going well with you 🙂 After I read your Inspiration page I knew I would like to read your book 🙂
        \i will join in 🙂

  3. Topaz says:

    Beautiful and poetic! Best of luck with all your writing endeavours. xx

    • jennjenn388 says:

      thank you for the well wishes. My mini book will (60 pgs or so) will be out later this month. It is the first mini book in a five part series. there is a link on my blog, to the right in the menu down the side, where you can go to works by Jennifer deese and keep updated on the release. also, when it is released I am going to host a contest …the winner will receive a signed copy of the mini book (first in the serial series, The Osipian Stories). So please stay tuned I will post updates as I know them on rlease date!!! thanks again on the feedback!!!

  4. jennjenn388 says:

    Reblogged this on Welcome to Jennterra and commented:

    I really felt what I wrote in this post earlier this week and felt the need to repost. Blessing to ou all

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