Zero To Hero..Why I Blog

I blog because there comes times when I feel the intense impulse to write , to share what is going through my mind at that precise moment in time. if I ignore this impulse it will needle me all day or night until I actually get up and put it down in written words. I do not blog to make money, to force my viewpoint onto others or even to gain thousands of followers (even though followers are a definite added bonus that does indeed stroke the ego and it also pushes one to write even more.)

I began blogging with the intent to create a blog that was aimed toward other aspiring writers, however my blog has turned into not only that but also a journal, my own personal soapbox I guess you could say.

I think those of us who have a desire to write can certainly find their creative outlet in blogging. I have found inspiration not only in posting to my own blog but also in reading the blogs and posts I follow.

I will continue to blog no matter where my writing takes me. I will blog until the day I am too old and crippled to see the keyboard…and at that point I will more than likely just get someone else to post my thoughts and words for me.

Before closing today’s post I would like to wish you all a Blessed Day! 🙂 Write and read on my friends.

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