The above photograph, which is also on my about me page,, was a source of inspiration for me when I started to write the thoughts and musings in my head down on paper. Spiritually I am a Pagan and the elements are and always have been a constant inspiration for me. The above picture contains all the elements in perfect harmony; Air, earth, Fire, and Water. 

Air is represented quite simply by its very presence, we many not see it but it is there. Air lifts my mood, it cleanses my head, and refreshes my soul. Water, with its cleaning properties has always represented emotions to me; as our emotions ebb and flow so does water. flowing water is my favorite form that it takes…flowing water can carry things toward us and things away from us. Earth is represented in the photo by the green grass and the rocks that are scattered throughout…some of those rocks were at the front of the glacier push eons ago. Earth, as an element, represents steadfastness, growth, change, fertility and renewal as well as the cycle of life and death. Fire, its presence in the photo is represented by the shining sun that reflects of the surface of the water and beats down on the grass and trees. Fire , to me, represents the catalyst to change. It can be extremely destructive however form the destruction there can be rebirth and new growth. A volcanic eruption can destroy what lies in the path of its lava (fire), later and as time goes by new life will sprout and the cycle will continue. fire also offers warmth and protection and the hearth, where home fires reside, can be the heart of a home.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but today for me (and very often),  the elements represented in this wonderful and earthy photo are my INSPIRATION.

Blessing To You All

Zero To Hero..Why I Blog

I blog because there comes times when I feel the intense impulse to write , to share what is going through my mind at that precise moment in time. if I ignore this impulse it will needle me all day or night until I actually get up and put it down in written words. I do not blog to make money, to force my viewpoint onto others or even to gain thousands of followers (even though followers are a definite added bonus that does indeed stroke the ego and it also pushes one to write even more.)

I began blogging with the intent to create a blog that was aimed toward other aspiring writers, however my blog has turned into not only that but also a journal, my own personal soapbox I guess you could say.

I think those of us who have a desire to write can certainly find their creative outlet in blogging. I have found inspiration not only in posting to my own blog but also in reading the blogs and posts I follow.

I will continue to blog no matter where my writing takes me. I will blog until the day I am too old and crippled to see the keyboard…and at that point I will more than likely just get someone else to post my thoughts and words for me.

Before closing today’s post I would like to wish you all a Blessed Day! 🙂 Write and read on my friends.

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