Weekly photo challenge: THRESHOLD


The photo above represents a mental threshold in my life that , in my opinion, was one of the most significant I have ever experienced. While watching out the window of what was, for me, a very unhappy home I realized that as the tree was burdened with heavy snow and ice so was my life burdened with resentment, dysfunction and unhappiness. Moments later one of the tree branches broke under the pressure and at that moment I began to cry. At the very moment the tree branch broke so had my strength to remain where I was in life. In giving up the will to remain for the reason I had been I gained a new strength, a new perspective and the will to pull myself to the threshold of a new life. 

I have grown so very much since that day. I am happy, mentally healthy and see that day…that burdened tree as one of the most significant moments of symbolism that I have ever been blessed with experiencing.

In closing all I can say is that when nature speaks and you put yourself in a mindset to hear her the wisdom given could be life changing. It certainly was for me.