Giving, Not always easy…but I will Do It Anyway

In time I have begun to realize that the people whom hail you the most may very well be those that could not care less for what it is you do.

And with that said , my fellow bloggers, I ask this…Are there people in your life that should be there, however they are not? Are you in a situation where you give your all and find yourself still standing alone in a room full of people? Of course, we do not give to get…I understand that, but wouldn’t it be nice I,f for once, someone or anyone, for that matter, pulled their head out of their own ass long enough to give you a nod, a way to go kid, a good job, or even the most minute of forms of recognition? I am in no way the kind of person that does anything in life for the thrill of getting recognize but I sincerely have to admit when the people involved in my life, in the most intimate of levels, leave me hanging…it hurts!

Another question I pose to you, my fellow cyber writers what do you do…When suddenly a dream comes true for someone who has yet to do anything to foster your dream…not emotionally ,or  mentally; and they can do nothing but spend their time with you talking about it and preparing for it: 1. do you gently place your hands around their neck and choke the ever living life out of them, you pack your shit and run, or 3. You stand by their side and give them support you wish could have had?

I say number 3 folks, I say this because I am that kind of person, the kind that gives and whether or not anyone ever gives the same to me …I will still succeed. Some need the pat on the back, the attention to what it is they do , the constant reminder that they can do it…Me? I would just like us all to succeed and flourish.

In closing, I have come to believe there are two kinds of artistic people in the world…those that need to others to recognize them and those that would love to be recognized but it really doesn’t matter one God damned way or another because we shall do it anyway! And that is Ok, we are all different.

Please , forgive me if I sound bitchy in this post…for that is not my intention. I look not for sympathy, I look not for even empathy. My intention here is to say, and to say most emphatically, that the true gift in giving of yourself, is quite simply just that…GIVING OF YOUSELF. it isn’t always easy but in the end it is most rewarding of life’s experiences!!!



4 thoughts on “Giving, Not always easy…but I will Do It Anyway

  1. Paul says:

    Good for you! I think it is true indeed that everything we receive for what we do for others only diminishes the real reward in doing it.

    • jennjenn388 says:

      I absolutely agree, if your giving with the ulterior motive of what you shall receive your just kidding yourself if you think its a good deed!!! Well put! thanks for the comment.

  2. JackieP says:

    Yes, this post is so right. I am in the same boat as you. I know you don’t want sympathy and neither do I. But a pat now and then would not be so bad, right? Sigh. Well, we shall give each other a pat and do what we are going to do.

    • jennjenn388 says:

      you couldnt have said it better…a simple nod of gratitude would suffice every now and then…but alas it may not always be so! we have one another though!!!

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