Achieving Your Goals/ Announcement


Greeting My fellow Bloggers, Readers and Aspiring Artists of Every Kind,

     Todays post is a friendly reminder to all of you who have a dream, a goal, an idea…do not let it go, do not give up and never turn your mind away from what drives you.  Determination, and BELIEVING in yourself are paramount to your success in all endeavors.  Oh, and let me not forget to add that a bit of backbone and stubbornness may also be required. No matter what walls may be thrown up before you, what doors may suddenly slam shut or where a road block may spring up in front of you the key to achieving what you dream of, what you yearn for and what drives you is to push forward. There’s always a way around a wall…if not just climb it then, there’s always a key to a door that’s close…if not kick that bitch open, and road blocks may take patience but you can get through them. As an aspiring writer/author I have hit so many rejections, gotten so many “its good , just not good enough”, and I have heard some pretty harsh criticism. But that is ok, it is all good because there’s been some awesome achievements as well. These things have only led me to where I stand today. Today I am on the edge of being published, today I can say I am going to achieve what I thought impossible a year ago. Its not been the easy road, but then again if I take a good long hard look at where I have already been before I even decided to write then this sh*t is easy as pie!  

     I thank every one of my followers and readers for supporting me through this journey and I am happy to say I plan to continue sharing my life, my thoughts and my achievements in the literary world with you. I enjoy reading your thoughts and sharing my own. I also look forward to being able to announce the publication date for my upcoming novella, The Orchid Keeper, to the WordPress community and the World. Stay tuned for release date info and stories on my trials and successes during the publication process. I am new at this and I am sure it will be a very interesting and rewarding experience. as ususal I am open to hearing your stories about your goal reaching tactics and fiascos as well as successes!!!

Brightest Blessing to You ALL!




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