Giving, Not always easy…but I will Do It Anyway

In time I have begun to realize that the people whom hail you the most may very well be those that could not care less for what it is you do.

And with that said , my fellow bloggers, I ask this…Are there people in your life that should be there, however they are not? Are you in a situation where you give your all and find yourself still standing alone in a room full of people? Of course, we do not give to get…I understand that, but wouldn’t it be nice I,f for once, someone or anyone, for that matter, pulled their head out of their own ass long enough to give you a nod, a way to go kid, a good job, or even the most minute of forms of recognition? I am in no way the kind of person that does anything in life for the thrill of getting recognize but I sincerely have to admit when the people involved in my life, in the most intimate of levels, leave me hanging…it hurts!

Another question I pose to you, my fellow cyber writers what do you do…When suddenly a dream comes true for someone who has yet to do anything to foster your dream…not emotionally ,or  mentally; and they can do nothing but spend their time with you talking about it and preparing for it: 1. do you gently place your hands around their neck and choke the ever living life out of them, you pack your shit and run, or 3. You stand by their side and give them support you wish could have had?

I say number 3 folks, I say this because I am that kind of person, the kind that gives and whether or not anyone ever gives the same to me …I will still succeed. Some need the pat on the back, the attention to what it is they do , the constant reminder that they can do it…Me? I would just like us all to succeed and flourish.

In closing, I have come to believe there are two kinds of artistic people in the world…those that need to others to recognize them and those that would love to be recognized but it really doesn’t matter one God damned way or another because we shall do it anyway! And that is Ok, we are all different.

Please , forgive me if I sound bitchy in this post…for that is not my intention. I look not for sympathy, I look not for even empathy. My intention here is to say, and to say most emphatically, that the true gift in giving of yourself, is quite simply just that…GIVING OF YOUSELF. it isn’t always easy but in the end it is most rewarding of life’s experiences!!!


A Night Out…A True Story About A Very Interesting Night.


Tired of the humdrum and everyday hustle bustle of the same old, my best friend and I decided to hit happy hour. Being neighbors and right down the street from the local watering hole, this venture was easy to start; little did we know that easy to start would be difficult to end.

While sipping on cocktails about three hours after work, we both began to feel the itch to get away from our housemates, our jobs, stress and all that came tied to such things. As that itch grew and our giggles increased with the release of tension and the promise of a night out, neither of us could have guessed where the evening would lead us.

Two hours later we found ourselves in the gorgeous town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Keenly listening to the featured band for the evening with the music was coursing through our now relaxed and cocktail-soothed bodies, our smiles and energy were infectious, and the folks around us, including the band members, were picking up the vibe. Soon there was laughter all around, tapping feet galore and jovial fellow people engaging in merriment and enlivened conversations. The very kind of medicine we desperately needed.

As the night drew to an end and the realization that tomorrow would be another tense, busy and stress-filled day, the weight of that reality began to bother us both. So when the band asked if we wished to hang out with them, it wasn’t hard for either of us to agree. Neither one of us is irresponsible, habitually frivolous or immature, however with the weight of stress that life had recently dropped upon us, we couldn’t resist the impulse to let go and have a bit of unadulterated fun.

So within the next hour, we found ourselves a part of the caravan of vehicles heading back to a band member’s house. Once there we played pool, hung out in a hot tub and laughed like two teenage girls. It was a well-needed respite from the unhappy routine our lives had become.

We pulled ourselves back to earth to ready ourselves for life as usual as the night drew near to an end. However, something in the two of us clicked, and we knew the trek home wouldn’t be a direct route. Without knowing why, we pointed the car for the shore, driving even farther from home.

One hour later, the Jersey shore found itself to be the resting stop for two middle-aged women who had walked on the light side of life for a night but now needed mother earth to ground them before returning to the ruts of their daily lives. As the sun rose and the tide beat the sands, we contemplated where we were in life and how our choices had led us to places that were not exactly satisfying to the soul. We thought about how the only thing that could change that would be for us to change things: ourselves, our partners, our situations. Unfortunately for us, and considering that we were not exactly used to nights like the one we had just had, we both fell asleep on the mostly deserted beach.

Upon waking up (many, many hours later), I realized several things at once. I was too old for nights like this. I was surrounded by children and families playing beach ball. The sun was impossibly hot. I was gritty with sand in places I dare not speak of. I was fully dressed for a night out on a hot beach. My friend was snoring, and we were both badly sunburned with the weirdest tan lines ever to be seen.

As we doggedly tried to gather ourselves and work our way through the wide-eyed stares of the children and adults surrounding us, we again realized the same thing at the same time. We needed to make significant changes to our lives so that our happiness, our peace of mind would never be taken for granted again. We gave too much of ourselves and in a night trying to regain a part of ourselves we missed so dearly, we had succeeded only in literally frying ourselves like two pieces of overdone bacon.

After that night of revelations, we have made significant changes in our lives, but have never pulled an all-nighter followed by a fully clothed beach nap again. We remain as steadfastly connected as we always have been, possibly even more so after that infamous night. I suppose the moral of this story is that you should never let stress and unhappiness make you feel as if you need to run away.



Achieving Your Goals/ Announcement


Greeting My fellow Bloggers, Readers and Aspiring Artists of Every Kind,

     Todays post is a friendly reminder to all of you who have a dream, a goal, an idea…do not let it go, do not give up and never turn your mind away from what drives you.  Determination, and BELIEVING in yourself are paramount to your success in all endeavors.  Oh, and let me not forget to add that a bit of backbone and stubbornness may also be required. No matter what walls may be thrown up before you, what doors may suddenly slam shut or where a road block may spring up in front of you the key to achieving what you dream of, what you yearn for and what drives you is to push forward. There’s always a way around a wall…if not just climb it then, there’s always a key to a door that’s close…if not kick that bitch open, and road blocks may take patience but you can get through them. As an aspiring writer/author I have hit so many rejections, gotten so many “its good , just not good enough”, and I have heard some pretty harsh criticism. But that is ok, it is all good because there’s been some awesome achievements as well. These things have only led me to where I stand today. Today I am on the edge of being published, today I can say I am going to achieve what I thought impossible a year ago. Its not been the easy road, but then again if I take a good long hard look at where I have already been before I even decided to write then this sh*t is easy as pie!  

     I thank every one of my followers and readers for supporting me through this journey and I am happy to say I plan to continue sharing my life, my thoughts and my achievements in the literary world with you. I enjoy reading your thoughts and sharing my own. I also look forward to being able to announce the publication date for my upcoming novella, The Orchid Keeper, to the WordPress community and the World. Stay tuned for release date info and stories on my trials and successes during the publication process. I am new at this and I am sure it will be a very interesting and rewarding experience. as ususal I am open to hearing your stories about your goal reaching tactics and fiascos as well as successes!!!

Brightest Blessing to You ALL!