Supercalifragilisticly Incredible! DP Challenge

When I get incredible news my reactions can vary highly depending entirely upon two things:

1. The news itself

2. The delivery method of the news.

If the news is good I could be witnessed jumping on the table and doing a happy little ‘holy crap…are you for real?’ jig. I have also been known in this instances to lay a lip lock on the person giving me the news; not always a good thing, especially when the news delivery person is the local monsignor. I am not even catholic and that one had me doing a few Hail Marys.  

If the news is not so good I can generally assure you that there will be cursing, stomping of the feet and possibly a few hopefully non-fatal projectiles flying across the room.  Also there may be some hair pulling, not necessarily my own hair either! 

Now as far as the delivery method of news my reactions can indeed be incredible; incredibly pissed off or incredibly elated and appreciative.

I detest bad news via text, email, or voicemail. I find it crude and those that delivery it in that manner make my blood boil. I find it incredibly maddening that people would deliver bad news this way…come on show some backbone, be an incredible person and look me in the eye when breaking my heart, turning me down, or breaking sad news to me. This world wasn’t built on deals being made, treaties signed (and as incredible as it may seem, broken), states unionized, babies being made, declarations signed, discoveries being made etc.  by way of email or text!

Now on good news delivery…I don’t give a darn how I get it delivered to me just as long as I get it!  I find it incredible that I get it at all!!!