Michelangelos ME (DP Challenge October, 13)


This last month of my life has been interesting indeed, not so active as I would prefer (due to an unfortunate incident of driving while slightly intoxicated and a house arrest situation), but interesting all the same. Please let me interject here that I do regret my actions and I am fully aware that I was in the wrong.

If Michelangelo were to sculpt an event , person or thing from my last month it would be perhaps his most interesting work to date! I mean after all a statue carved in marble depicting house arrest would certainly raise an eyebrow or two…wouldn’t you agree?

I imagine the sculpture would be of me with a land line phone to my ear with a 200 foot cord attached. I am monitored by periodic phone calls during which a computerized British voice asks me to repeat a phrase for voice verification.  The inscription would be one of the three phrases the computerized voice on the other end of the phone line asks me to repeat; Strike while the iron is hot, in for a pound in for a penny, tomorrow is another day, the eagle has landed, or perhaps it could be the very ironic phrase of  there’s no place like home!!!

Yep, my image carved in marble to be seen by future generations would most certainly be amusing to say the least! However I must say I am glad this Michelangelo nor any other sculptor will not be immortalizing my house arrest agony in marble because I for one do not wish to be remembered for this shit!!!