The Rush Of Creating!

Hello, aspiring and established artists and writers!!! I have been hit with the jolting and inspiring idea of a story once again!! It is an amazing experience when you suddenly feel the spark of a gripping tale (or piece of artwork) come to life in the depths of your mind! The begining of ideas are always my favorite. The feverish rush of ideas as my pencil scrapes …across the outline page, building a story soon to spring to life and spin visions in my readers heads!!! This , my friends, followers and readers is why I write!

Coming soon to blogs, competitions and horror websites is THE IMPURE CONCEPTION. By Jenn Deese.( title copyrights in possession of author) written in the horror genre and soon to be entered in a horror short story competition. As soon as competition guidelines allow I will post it here for all to enjoy.

  I share this moment with you because I know each and everyone of you that also write (or do artwork of any type) understand this phase of creating! Its an amazing rush! I cannot wait to finish the outline so I can begin putting what I think will be an amazing story horror story together for all to read!!!!
  Keep writing, keep creating, for without us that create these things there would be no ‘other worlds for people to visit via the typewritten word (or art)!

Blessed Be To All