Silver Linings by Jenn Deese


Writing has been an absolute joy for me and when a story gets highlighted or picked to be one of five out of many to be judged in a competition it makes me glow.

I write for many varied reason and winning competitions is not the first on that list; its there but there are many others that take precedent.  I write to inspire, to enlighten, to bring laughter and deep thought to others.  In writing I sometimes find myself being transported into other worlds, places and times. There’s much to be said for writing and why we do it.

The link below will take you to a story I wrote (non fiction, yes that crazy morning actually occurred) for a competition at It was picked with four other great tales to be entered into their weekly writing competition for woman in midlife . Please feel free to follow the link and leave your comments and if you truly do find it worthwhile, I do of course :),  at the bottom of the story there will be a facebook like button …by all means click it! feedback to the judges in the comments area are also welcome as this comments and likes will be taken into consideration when judging time comes on Sunday.

I wish to say this…

My experiences writing here at have allowed me to grow and learn and without this I don’t think that my stories, both fiction and nonfiction would now be getting the focus that they are.

I hope you find time to click on the link and read Silver Linings by Jenn  Deese and I more importantly hope that you too find that every cloud does indeed have some kind of silver lining. 

Thank you,




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