Your Childs Talent

I have found that watching my childrens talent blossom is awe inspiring.

I have a twenty something year old who has the crafting and imaginative abilities I always wish I could possess.  Lincy has always exhibited a keen gift in arts and crafts. I look at the things she creates and feel such pride and joy. She glows when she crafts and when she glows so do I.  In her future I see happiness and goal meeting. She will make a mark in this world that will not soon be forgotten. I wish her to be continually Blessed with the oppurtunities to do what she loves.

I also am happy enough to be witness to my stepdaughters baking and cake decorating talents. She blossomed during her four years of baking into a confident and talented young woman with one hell of a bright future ahead of her! To her I wish much success and to those lucky enough to witness or taste the fruits of her labors I say….Enjoy, I know you will!!

In our childrens talents we see their avenues to success unfolding before them and as parents we can only guide them down those avenues and hope that they find joy, happiness and security in life.

I love being able to watch as ALL my children grow into these absolutely awesome human beings. Molly, Joshua, Lincy and Danya I wish you all the best always!!!  You are four of the greatest people in the world to me…never forget that.



3 thoughts on “Your Childs Talent

  1. hugmamma says:

    Most rewarding career…being a mom. I have only one, a 27 year-old daughter whom I love dearly. Sounds like your children are as fortunate. 🙂

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