In A Flame

a fire awesome sight

I am a fire sign so I’ve always been drawn to gazing into the fire. I find the flickering hues to be soothing.  There’s a meditating quality to fire gazing, it regenerates and sparks my imagination.  Fire can mentally burn away things you wish to unburden yourself of. As destructive as fire can be it can also be the catalyst to new starts and new growth.

Many cultures have participated ritually in fire gazing;

“This ancient technique can produce surprising results. Sit before a roaring fire. Ask your question. Gaze into the flames while the fire burns down. Within the flames, or in the sparkling, glowing coals below them, images of the future may appear. Interpret them with symbolic thought. It’s best to limit gazing time to about five minutes, but there’s no need to check your watch. Allow the images to come to you for an appropriate time.” (

When I fire gaze I do not force myself to stare intently, I let my gaze gently probe the fire until my focus falls upon a spot that draws me in. 

“The Buddha defined the Fire element as “that by which one is warmed, ages, and is consumed, and that by which what is eaten … gets completely digested.” In other words the Fire element within is metabolism. It’s our energy.”, (, Bodhipaska, THE FIRE ELEMENT).

Many of us unknowingly fire gaze more often thatn we think. Have you ever sat in your living room and gazed blankly at your fireplace flame…maybe it wasn’t so blankly after all. How about around a bonfire?

Fire draws your gaze to it and when in the future you feel this happening perhaps giving the urge to gaze a moment to settle in and watch the flame may just be the medicine you need.





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