One of my Favorite Harvest Celebrations is Mabon; also known as the 1st day of Fall, The Autumnal Equinox. The light and dark are in equal amounts on this glorious day, there is a balance in nature before the darkness begins to win the fight and the sun begins to start its journey into slumber while winter begins to gain its strength. (Please note I am in the Northern Hemisphere for those residing in the Southern hemisphere Mabon is around the 21st of March). The air is crisper in the mornings and evenings, the trees begin to turn their leaves.

From the moment of the equinox the sun begins to diminish in strength while the cold of winter will continue to strengthen until the Winter Solstice in December. On the Winter Solstice the days, the light, will begin to be longer as the periods of dark lessen.

 There are many sources of lore about Mabon, I follow the Pagan traditions myself. But this day is also marked in Greek mythology , Chinese mythology and many many more.

The equinox is a celebration of balance. How is balance playing out in your life? This Sabbath may be a good day to meditate on bringing balance into your life, or retaining a balance you already have. I like to rise in the morning on this day and greet the rise of the sun in my normal manner, maybe take a quick stroll outside in the pleasantly crisp morning and watch as the sun dries the morning dews. We have a garden and considering that Mabon is one of the three Harvest Festivals I like to say my thanks there for the abundance Mother Nature has bestowed upon me, weeding and tending the garden and flower beds is another activity I love doing on this day. If you are a flower planter Mums and other autumn flowers are a great way to celebrate. Decorating the house and hearth with gords and such is another way to set the energy in and around the home in harmony with Nature as well. I like to also do a bit of Fall cleaning with the Besom and cleanse any negative energy while sweeping in positive.

No matter which manner you may choose to nod your head to this day I wish you all Blessings of great joy and may you all be surrounded by healing, harmonizing and balancing energy!




Mabon, the greatness of Fall


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