If I were to give one sense and have another made super sensitive I would give up my sense of smell and have my sight enhanced.

At my age I have smelled a lot of things and though smell is related to taste I think I would manage. I can use my memory of what I have tasted and my imagination to augment my dulled taste due to not having a sense of smell. 

With enhanced sight the world would open up in a myriad of new avenues. My super enhanced vision would possibly allow the ability to see peoples auras easily, energy waves and patterns would become clearly noted through my eyes. The color spectrum would widen, and the intensity of color would be like something straight out of a 60’s hippies diary. 

The distance at which I could see things approaching would finally afford me enough time to prepare for an unexpected visit from in in-laws and relatives, not to mention time enough to shut off all the lights, lock the doors and pretend I am not home when that bothersome person comes  knocking!!!!

The beauty of a flower, a bird in flight, the ocean etc. Would all be enhanced exponentially however the down side of that is that so would all the ugly. But perhaps with this gifted vision gift I would  be able to see through the ugly to what may lie beneath (something I endeavor to do anyway but as we all know …that shit is far from easy).

In closing, I think that super sight would be awesome if it is true that when the end comes there will be signs we all see; With super sight I will see those signs sooner and therefore have plenty of time to bend over and kiss my own butt goodbye!



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