A seemigly disappearing quality (repost from august)

In todays ever technilogically advancing age, where human interaction is becoming less and less human; face time, Skype, texting, emails etc. are we losing something? Are we losing our ability to interact face to face? Do these advances in new ways of communicating actually not advance us at all? Are we going backwards as far as real human interaction goes? Are we losing the ability to read expression if it is not given to us in the form of an emoticon?

I don’t know about the majority of you but I liked the days of actually hearing a persons voice on the other end of the phone line. I miss sitting across from a friend and being able to see them, their expressions clearly visible to me, to hold their hand or give them a real hug not just a series of X’s and O’s at the end of a text or email.

Granted the many new ways of communicating are awesome when it comes to long distance relatives, business dealings, and quick texts such as ‘I will be home in five minutes’, (not to mention the times you don’t wish to speak to anyone due to a bad day, or not feeling well). But as it becomes more prevalent do we as a race, as a whole become less human? Do we become less and less emotional creatures and do our emotions become nothing more than electronic blips on the internet?

I am all for advancement ( as long as it doesn’t continue to destroy our planet) but at what cost will it be in the many years to come?


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