A piece of Flash Fiction by JennTerra / A Chance Encounter

[                                                   A Chance Encounter

                                                         By Jennifer Neall

                                                          August, 31, 2013

Roxie knew she was going to have an odd encounter as soon as she saw the old woman come around the corner of the trail before her. The woman locked eyes with Roxie and in an instant Roxie liked this woman, immediately felt a deep connection.  As the two women walked closer towards one another the woman flashed a welcoming smile and waved to Roxie as if they were old friends.  Roxie smiled in reply.  “Hello”’ said the woman “I was looking to have a seat and eat lunch. I’ve got plenty, would you care to join me?” Without knowing why she said yes Roxie followed the lady to a patch of flat grass on the side of the trial.

The sandwiches the woman offered were delicious and the lemonade was refreshing. As Roxie lay back comfortably to look up at the sky the woman cleared her throat and asked Roxie if she would be willing to listen to her talk a bit.  Again Roxie was compelled to comply.

“I’ve gained a lot of hindsight wisdom in my years,” the woman stated, “And I have found that when you second guess yourself you make unchangeable changes in your fate. A second guess will cost you a lifetime of happiness, could take an intended journey with another and flip it into a walk of loneliness. You meet your soul mate once and if you let that meeting slip by without grasping it to your heart and soul it will be a loss felt forever.  I once had a chance on this very trail to meet my soul mate and I let a second take him away. Let your life happen.

As the old lady walked away Roxie called after her. “What’s your name?” With a smile she replied…My name is Roxie.



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