Solitude can be negative to some and positive to others. For me it is positive.  Its in moments of solitude that I recharge my battery, cleanse away the negative energy I may have gathered or attracted by social interactions and the environment I was immersed in. In these me moments I pull positivity into myself. In doing this I feel refreshed, strengthened and uplifted.  Moments of solitude seem to be a must for me to keep from being totally drained by the demanding world around me.

In a very busy word it can be hard to find a moment to be completely alone with your thoughts. There’s always something that is needling you for your time and attention with no regard to the fact that it is depleting you. What’s crazy sometimes is the fact that oft times some of these ‘things’ do not even realize that they are tapping you out; children, family, husband/boyfriend, pets etc. There are even times when we ourselves do not recognize the root of what is draining us. A drain of energy can happen quickly and, in my opinion, can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, lack of diet and a host of other physical and mental ailments.  I wish to avoid these things in my life therefore I make a special effort to make time for solitude.

In my moments of solitude I sometimes find little pieces of me that I never knew were there. When this happens  am delighted at the discovery be it a positive quality about myself or something negative that I need to rid/cleanse myself of. I have found that this mental bathing and preening has made me more able to face the world with a strong conviction that what I am doing or saying is right for me.

I grow mentally and spiritually with every solo exploration of myself, and I highly recommend this practice to all people. It can be done in many different ways; a walk alone through the woods or an open field or even along a stream, meditation, candle gazing, and even Yoga, through which you can go into yourself via a series of breathing and stretching exercises.  (please note these are my pathways to solitude and self discovery, every individual blazes their own trail so what ever feels right to you is the way you should go).

Solitude can be a blessing, a time of wonderful discovery and growth. Of course I love the company of others and would like to believe (and I do) that others like my company but without those moments of solitude and introspection I would have nothing left to offer. So recharge yourselves people, never forget to take care of you so that there is always a healthy balance in your life.

Thank you , Jennifer


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    this post is from almost a year ago and I found it fascinating that today, a yr later, I feel the same way today …Interesting enough for me to repost it!!!!

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