On Nature and why I call it Church.

     In this diverse world there is a multitude of religious and spiritual paths to lay ones feet upon. Me? I am what I call a Eclectic Pantheistic Pagan.  I revere Mother Nature in all her many aspects. I see the Divine in All that is living and the residual of the Divine in anything the living have made…be it negative or positive.  I need not walk into a specific building to feel the presence of The All That Is. I need not wait for a certain day of the week. I need not be in the company of a congregation. Granted all these things are great  if they are your thing,  so don’t get me wrong…these are not critical statements , they are just simply statements.  

       Nature, to me and many others, is soothing in many ways. It can caress your soul and soothe the physical body as well.  In the garden, on the trail,  on a rock in the middle of a stream or under an oak tree I feel the connection to the Divine. The connection I feel , in my opinion, is due to the fact that what makes these things; the tree, the trail, the rock, the stream, is the very same thing that makes me who I am. The same base unit of energy that developed into these things is the exact same unit that developed into the human being I am. The energy manifests itself in different ways however, in the very beginning the first spark



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