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“In my endeavor to find my voice I have stumbled upon the realization that my voice is typewritten, that in my written words lays the path to my future and the shine to my star”.  Author and writer, Jennifer Deese


I am a new author and have found a world of great talent and creativity here at and the literary community.

My posts will be varied– I never know exactly what I will post when I sit down to write,– but I am sure there is something for everyone. From my life and mind to the talents and minds of others.

I find open conversation to be intellectually stimulating and I welcome that from you all. My stories, and musings can be found to the right of this post. There’s two section’s one for recent posts and one further down the sidebar for others by the week, month etc…Enjoy and Welcome to my blog.

Visit my Face Book page if you wish, it’s for writers and artists of all types to share and network. Feel free to include a link to your art or writing/blog site in any comments or posts that you make on JennTerras page! or on this Blog.Also feel free to visit my Author/writer blog To Write is Right!!!  htpps://

My authors blog To Write is Right!!!
*links to my debut novelette, The Orchid Keeper, its reviews and writers resources can be found at this site*

Blessing to You All, enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “JennTerras thoughts and musings Blog

  1. Maxima says:

    Great blog!With love maxima

  2. Rika says:

    Great blog!
    I would be very pleased if you step by mine as well
    have a great day !!

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